Woman holding a bottle of foundation in her hands.

Beauty Review: Summer Foundations

This summer has already started out with what feels like an unprecedented measure of heat, which leaves most people poised as they contemplate what the coming summer months will bring, as June usually brings the more moderate temps of the season. And whatever the weather is now or will be in the coming weeks, we’re…

Woman plucking her eyebrows.

Top Five Makeup Mistakes

Sometimes — in fact, all too frequently, it would appear that many of us have forgotten the entire original purpose we ever started wearing makeup in the first place. If you go anywhere out in public, you will be very likely to see at least one person who apparently seems to have missed the boat,…

Woman showing off her beautiful nail art.

Nail it! The Current Trends in Nail Art

First impressions and ongoing impressions mean a lot in today’s world, and oddly, it’s often the relatively smaller aspects and incidentals of a person that tend to draw the most attention from others. Eyes, smiles, posture, body language and hands – yes hands are one of the most prominently noticed elements of a person people…


Reasons to Invest in Waterproof Makeup

There are a great many makeup options out there—drugstore makeup, special effects makeup, and waterproof makeup are just some of the few kinds of makeup. I know they vary greatly in price ranges, and waterproof makeup is even more expensive than the regular kind. Why so? Basically, they’re more expensive because of their waterproof formulation….

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