There are few things that are with you as much as your phone. Day-in day-out, wherever you go and whatever you do, chances are that your phone is right there with you. Anything that stays with you that much should have an appearance that adequately reflects your unique personality and taste. There will always be a number of people who go for the minimalist look for their cell phones, and that’s fine for them, but to others, the more bling, the better. Adding personalization in the form of accessories and jewels to a phone can be really fun, and there’s something for everyone, when it comes to all that is available to help create your look for your phone–your way.

Functional Bling
Many additions for cell phones are actually quite useful, as they serve a function, instead of simply sitting there as decoration. What follows are some of the trendiest fashion accessories you can get for your phone this year, to personalize it and really make it ‘yours.’

Get Skinned, Your Way
A skin for your phone is not just for decoration, but will make it less likely to slip from your hand, accidentally. You’ll find them in an almost infinite variety of colors and patterns, some bear symbols, logos and famous images. They’re inexpensive, so many people buy more than one.

While these serve as protection for your phone, preventing cracks, scratches and sometimes even water damage, they can also cover up existing damage with a touch style. They come in a nice variety of patterns, finishes and textures and can be embellished with various emblems and some even have crystals. Sport your favorite team, character or more, with a unique faceplate.

Add Some Stickers
Less expensive than a new skin, but equally as transformative, stickers are not only fun, as they can be functional, too. By adding your own chosen stickers to your phone, you make it easy to find or distinguish your phone from others.

“Charm” Your Phone
In much the same way that stickers decorate and identify your phone, charms are a lot of fun for styling up your cell phone. Some are even designed to be dust plugs for ports and jacks on the phone. Some will indicate when a call is coming in. They can sport highly jeweled designs or basic video game characters.

A Strap For Your Phone
Straps are big currently, as there are occasionally times when it’s really easy to drop your phone while using it. By using a wrist strap, you can securely operate your phone without worry. You can also attach different charms to the strap, and they come in many colors, prints, stripes and patterns. There are also straps to show support for your favorite college or sports team.