Are you perhaps not naturally blessed with full, luscious lips? There is a simple way to correct this, one that doesn’t include injections or any other kind of medical procedure. All you need to do is invest in a good lipliner and you will be able to alter the appearance of your lips in a few simple strokes.

Pick the Right Shade
This is important because no one wants to go back to those tragic makeup looks from the ‘90s, right? If you’re going for an understated look, opt for a shade that’s close to your natural lip color. If you are working with bold hues, choose a lipliner that will compliment and enhance the color of your lipstick.

Prep Your Lips
In order to maximize the effect of your lipliner, you need to work with smooth, hydrated lips. Before applying makeup, exfoliate your lips with a lip scrub or by gently rubbing them with a tooth brush. Make sure to apply lip balm afterwards and wipe off any excess before applying lipliner.

Know What Works for You
There is no one universal way to apply lipliner, since everyone’s lip shape is different. The trick is to try and find the most flattering shape for your face, which might take some trial and error. If you have a bottom-heavy lip, you might want to focus on subtly changing the shape of your upper lip, and same goes in reverse. Lipliner can also be used to fix uneven or asymmetrical lip shapes or give definition to your natural lip line.