Trend Alert, Trend Alert!!! This is the year that coats are going long and strong, with nothing short, and not short on impressive details that give coats of 2016 a more distinctive level of style than there has been in quite a long time. Coats for women are going big, featuring big details like extra wide collars, voluminous sleeves and big, square deep pockets, making you look and feel like you’re being swallowed up by a huge, soft and cuddly teddy bear. With impressive style, these coats are going to be flying off the shelf, with their straight lines and lovely go-with-anything color palette that thrives on camel, rich browns and muted grays.

A Retro Return for the Better
These coats seem to be softly murmuring hints of a return to something 80s, and if they are, they’re doing it marvelously. With words like magnificent and sophisticated impossible to detach from describing this 80s glamor, bring it on! Casual sophistication that can go anywhere, for any occasion and turn heads, every time. Their slight oversizing component gives them a more flattering appeal for every woman’s shape. Open this coat up to a sexy little black cocktail number just as easily as a pair of ripped jeans and cropped tee. Stay long, stay warm.

How to Wear
These coats are great for layering lengths, and pair spectacularly with any shoe at all. With their dramatic clean lines, these longer coats–with hems that can start about mid-calf, and proceed on down to be floor-sweeping–offer as close as you can get to a blank canvas for however you want to take them. Push up the sleeves and get to work, layer one with skirts and pants or simply pull it closed and cinch with a belt, making them wonder about what you’re wearing underneath. You won’t likely notice any more than a minimal few buttons, studs, metal details and such on these winter protectors, which is one of their greatest contributions to reveal just how new they are. Call them understated and you’ll be as close to adequately describing their essence.

Odds and Ends
Expect to see more of the trending fur and faux fur collars, edges and hems that started out with praises and began showing up at all the right places to be seen. Knotted wool accents stand out as sheer art among a mostly flat 2016 coat terrain, and they’ll be the statement-makers this year. Fringe has not gone anywhere–look for innovative integration of fringe details that are inescapably new and fresh. The look of most 2016 coats is one that manages to blur the line between that of a full-fledged winter coat and what we’ve previously known as a cover up. Thinner fabrics that are every bit as warmth-giving combine with such relaxed styling that makes the coats of 2016 truly a welcome choice for wear-anywhere style options to rock winter like never before!