An engagement to be married is one knot that can not be tied with mere rope, and while the time honored simple solitaire may have worked for the bride-to-be of yesteryear, growing numbers of marriage bound couples are showing their preference for shopping “outside of the box” with dazzling, new promise pieces. The stunningly beautiful creations that follow are just a few of the distinctive ways that are set to forever transform what had at one time been a rather traditionally narrow range of engagement ring options. Why shouldn’t the ring that symbolizes your future together be as unique and dazzling as you are–as individuals, and as a couple? Here are a few engagement ring styles that are currently trending.

Forever Yours, With Flora and Fauna
The migration toward gardenesque settings is a popular one, with flowers, vines, small buds and leaves romantically swirling around the band. These designs can feature one central diamond, or the one large diamond, offset by interspersed speckles of smaller diamonds among the flowers. Another popular setting request features a centralized bow.

Shape Shifter
Just introducing a uniquely shaped stone adds distinction and flair to an engagement ring. Many jewelers are now being presented with creative requests to extend that trend further. One such request that’s gaining momentum is to shift from the once rather standard method for setting oval, marquise and emerald cut diamonds vertically. This would be as in setting the length of the stone to point from fingertip to wrist. By setting these stones horizontally, they appear to look larger, with an air of artistic distinction.

Breaking All the Rules
It is no longer the white, or “clear” diamond that mandatorily becomes the engagement ring. There is a growing move, especially among the more creative and unfettered couples to go with a colored diamond engagement ring. Diamonds come in a nice variety of colorful options, from blue to yellow and pink. Some engagements are even being “signed, sealed and delivered” with stones that are not diamonds at all. Some choose sapphires, which evoke the thought of blue, however they come in nice hues of yellow and orange, too. Rubies and emeralds are gaining in popularity, as well.

And the Band Plays On…
More attention than ever is being given to the bands of engagement rings, with unprecedented detailing and even smaller diamonds encrusted along the sides, making these creations amazing to behold from any angle. And for couples who have trouble finalizing which metal they want, whether yellow gold, white gold, rose gold or platinum, from two to all of these metals can be employed in the band design in a variety of ways. They can be twisted, braided, swirled and more to create a one of a kind dazzler. Rose gold has been increasing in popularity for single metal settings, as it has a really flattering effect on any hand.