Could there be anyone with a fraction of a doubt about who would emerge as the main celeb behind the bigger butt cultural sensation? Asking the question “Which celeb-inspired the currently huge trend of the gigantic glutes?” would most likely result in a heated debate over the two viciously entangled Minaj and Kardashian women, and with no likely satisfactory results proceeding. Actually, the inspiration behind being big-butted was introduced by Saartjie Baartman, who made her 1810 stage debut as the Hottentot Venus, first beginning the worldwide sensation. Although if you were to ask anyone on the street about Baartman, it’s highly unlikely that you would be able to find a single soul who could make a connection to her name, nor her place in history.

What For?
The butt lift/implant surgery became available about 30 years ago, and there continues to be a lot of dissension over who was first. Today’s butt groupies would argue infinitely. In addition to determining the exact ideal size and shape of the “ultimate butt,” there tends to be a customary variation in tastes between those questioned, but as it turns out, a particular butt protrusion, along with a certain spinal conformation are quite attractive to men. Science has determined the size, shape and angle of a woman’s derriere having everything to do with propensity for childbearing and foraging. This may be the case, but one thing’s for sure–the reasons to go under the knife for this look are more vast, and there is surely a bit of “I’ve got more than you” unspoken statements between women here.

LA Docs Weigh In
Plastic surgeons say that prospective patients seeking a bigger bootie typically come with a specific celeb in mind. Leading those most mentioned are Minaj, Kardashian and Lopez. The bulk of cultural backgrounds among those requesting buttocks enlargement are Latino, gay and transgender people residing in LA, where the obsession over body dominates. A trending surgical procedure called the S-Curve Buttock Lift operation is the hot thing currently, as it is performed without implants. Instead, fat is extracted from the stomach and anywhere there might be an excess. This extracted fat is deposited by needle into strategic points of the buttocks. This surgical procedure usually runs somewhere between $17K – $16k. A loose consensus exists among plastic surgeons within the LA area regarding their opinions of the most desireable butts, with the rears of Jessica Biel, Sofia Vergara, Chris Hemsworth and Bradley Cooper as the best looks to go for, in this rear-revision revolution.

What We Know
Regardless of the extent of work performed on any famous butt, when you see photos of these celebs, you can be sure that they have undergone digital enhancement and have been perfected by photoshop. Plastic surgeons suggest that the way to tell if someone has had butt-building surgery is to look at their overall shape. Check out the ratio between their waist and their rear. Anything that looks unnatural most likely is, celeb or not.