Certainly there are many pluses for the effectiveness of real fur, in keeping out the cold and maintaining an ideal body temperature–much like they do for their original owners, but the thing is, if everyone who wears real animal fur had to be the one responsible for “hunting it down” and skinning it, there would never have been as much real fur trending at any given time. Not necessarily because it is difficult, but the process of procuring fur is absolutely barbaric, and we live in a society that is just too smart to let anyone get by with ignoring the facts. There are just too many amazing technologically advanced fibers and fabrics that do just as good of a job at preserving our comfort in the chill of winter temps to ever justify the use of fur, ever again.

Inspired by a Need for More Affordable Fur
For quite a while, faux fur did a relatively decent job of capping off necklines, hemlines and sleeves in replacing their real fur predecessors, but faux fur has now evolved to a game changing level of perfection that should leave even the most diehard of real fur fashionistas clamoring for some. And in talking about most things that are simply priced out of range for most hard working folks, efforts are always made to duplicate the “thing” by using other methods and/or materials, to create an acceptable facsimile that is within reach of the rest of consumers within the working class. It may have taken a while and a few tries, but faux fur has truly succeeded in its aim.

Offering More
For one thing, faux fur is far more on-trend than real fur, for many reasons beyond any PETA or self-inspired sense of responsibility and guilt. Faux fur in many cases is almost impossible to differentiate from the real deal, and there is so much more that can be creatively done with faux fur. Fashion designers are obviously enjoying these options, popping out some beautiful, brightly colored faux fur creations that rock the runway. And with faux fur, it can be patterned in an almost infinite variety of possibilities. Probably because of how society now regards real fur-wearing as sinful, we don’t even seem to care whether or not the faux fur looks real anymore. Opens up a whole world of fun for winter warmth with pizazz. Some of them do need dry cleaning, but they handle spot-cleaning well, and many of this season’s finds are hand or even machine washable. Today’s faux furs are super resilient for a whole lot more mileage, and will keep on looking great.

Faux fur

Gordana Sermek / Shutterstock.com

Flirty Fun From Faux Fur!
Because faux fur can be dyed, look for a lot of chic sweaters, dresses and outerwear feature edgings of FF that are dyed to be the same color as the garments themselves–with rich reds, burgundies, oranges, teals and everything else in the rainbow spectrum. And the day of furry accessories is now–with tons of fun, courtesy of FF, crossing barriers that are eye-catching and beautiful. Furry pocketbooks now come in all sizes, and no wardrobe is complete without at least one. Jewelry with FF accents is hot, and so are hats. It’s being used on more than boots, for footwear, with unique touches of FF on even dressy heels. FF is being used in every length, from short-short, to long, more “hairy” effects–with widely varying ambiance as a result. If you want to get in on this wonderful trend, why not find a faux fur scarf–you know, the variety that’s so popular now, with the scarf itself being a continuous loop, with no beginning and no end? You can effectively top off any sweater, blouse, jacket, coat or more with this look, and in doing so, super-creatively reinvent your look. And because of there being so many FF pieces these days that are visually identical to the real thing, be prepared with a clever comeback quip when you encounter (and you will,) any attacks from misgiven others bent on shaming you.