She’s a classic beauty, don’t you agree? I love her smile, her fashion sense, the symmetry of her face! Audrey Hepburn is very pleasing to look at and her beauty is one that transcends time. If you love her looks and would like to have that Audrey Hepburn vibe, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to find out more about how to get the Audrey Hepburn look.

  • Master a cleanup do of your hair.  You can tie it in a neat bun or a high chignon matched with well-combed bangs.audrey hepburn style
  • Use a versatile waist belt. Something narrower than an inch and one that has a simple buckle would do. This would go well with your collared, knee-length dresses.
  • Have a black or white turtleneck which you can use for layering. This is especially great for the cold season.
  • Invest in a good pair of nice black flats. Since Audrey was quite tall, she started the trend of wearing flats. Black is the best color to go for if you want to achieve an Audrey Hepburn look. If you must have heels, keep them low at one inch.
  • Stick to more neutral colors. This is one of the key elements to achieving her glamorous look. Have blacks, whites, and beiges which you can mix and match. Pink would also be good, but use it sparingly. Remember that less is more, and that Audrey usually focused on just one color for her clothes to emphasize her figure.
  • Avoid necklines which are cut too low. Also, avoid miniskirts. Anything that shows too much skin will lose the Audrey Hepburn vibe.
  • Have a nice small handbag to complement your outfit. Anything small and chic will do.
  • Don’t use heavy makeup. The cat eyeliner look matched with nude, pink, or even red lipstick can help bring out the chic Audrey Hepburn in you!audrey hepburn hair

Try out these tips and have that timeless Audrey Hepburn style!