First impressions and ongoing impressions mean a lot in today’s world, and oddly, it’s often the relatively smaller aspects and incidentals of a person that tend to draw the most attention from others. Eyes, smiles, posture, body language and hands – yes hands are one of the most prominently noticed elements of a person people tend to notice, up front, even when there is no actual interaction or conversation that takes place. How each person takes care of their nails is more important than most think. And ever since nail grooming in specialized salons became so widely available, the choices for cool and trendy looks for nails have been almost unlimited. What’s the latest and hottest news for nail art? While it can always be a matter of opinion from individual to individual, there are some obvious new styles and designs on the nail art scene that are catching the eye of the most avid nail art consumers.

Colorblock Moustache Nail Art
Through an intensely precise layering of a mix made up of incredibly exciting color combinations, lovely bands of color swipe across nails painted in a base color coat in directions that vary from nail to nail and in depth. Colors used within the bands can vary, as well. When nails are set, come back in and add a moustache in a distinctively playful and artistic way to one nail. Makes a fun and subtly cool statement.

Enter the Dragon
There is a new line of nail polish that in every way emulates dragon attitude and texture. Being marketed under the name “Devon Diep,” this triple mix is sure to make big splashes on the trendiest of nail scenes around.

Woman with a french manicure and subdued pastel colors.

Softer, Subdued Pastels are Big
While vivid nail colors will never totally lose their position in the world of fashion, there is a new trend toward softer pastels that receive a bit of their silencing from a tad measure of black added to the mix. Now, to the novice, this sounds disastrous, however in the color mixing world, it merely represents a softer, paler hue that doesn’t scream anything to anyone.

Love is in the Air
There is a new “Sweethearts Collection” out by Dazzle Dry that is a lovely complement to summer fun. This precious creation of complementary colors includes LOL, Tweet Me, Wink Wink, and You Rock. All, however, are soft and dewy..