The 2015 Summer Season is upon us, and for many people that means it’s time to go shopping for a new “attire” for all the upcoming “fun in the sun” times ahead. Whether you are dreaming of leisurely days by the pool, soaking in the rays and respite, or taking long, windblown strolls along the ebb of waves at the beach, you’ll want to look your best, in a suit that truly flatters and impresses. There are so many new designs and styles that it’s not easy to decide on which one (or five+) to get! Following are some of the most fun and trendy swimsuits that have made the scene for the summer of 2015. While photo prints,  high waisted bottoms and the eternal tribal prints are still hot items, there are new designs that feature elements like fluttering tops, jeweled embellishments, multi-paneled bottoms and unique one piece novelties that are definitely worth checking out for inclusion in your summer wardrobe.

Today’s One Piece Swimsuits
When you look at the one piece options in swimsuits for women these days, they are a far cry from the one piece suits that your mother wore. If one pieces were ever previously thought of as a more conservative option, that concept can certainly be filed in with all other historical data, as many of the one piece options in swimwear are actually more revealing and sexy than a lot of their two piece counterparts ever thought of being. In fact, many of the trendy two piece suits are venturing out to include features such as long sleeves and other uses for more material rather than less, in their unique design features. Photo printed fabric for swimsuits continues to be a popular choice, and typically this type of swimwear is a little more conservative, probably due to the fact that there has to be enough fabric to adequately display the artwork. Slogans are making a big splash, emblazoned across the fronts and backs of many one piece swimsuits, in bold, contrasting letters that make a lot of “now” statements wherever they are worn.

Two Pieces and Bikinis
Many of this year’s two piece suits feature fuller bottoms, with waistlines moved up to the actual waist and leg openings that are conservatively  low. Highly feminine, fluttering tops are big in the selection of two piece suits now, providing an extra (however scant) layer of fabric on the tops, mainly, although some bottoms are nicely “fluttered” as well. Some fluttered tops also bear slogans and artwork. Single shouldered tops are big, along with twisted and knotted ones for the two piece selections of 2015.

Coming Out
A new fun detail of swimsuit design is in the attachment of 3D objects to them. Among the most commonly included details are flowers, geometric shapes and butterflies. Peplum bottoms dare to add volume to suit bottoms,  however they do so in a way that flatters, only. Straps are replacing fabric in many swimsuit design aspects, and fringe is really big–mostly seen on bottom edges of tops. Prominent and bold jewelry has become integrated into the design of both one piece and two piece swimsuits, with infinite combinations, colors and configurations.