Taylor Swift.

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Long, lanky, sleek and black – these words adequately describe Taylor Swift’s look all of the time, however there are certain trends she effortlessly creates by appearing somewhere in a new statement item from time to time. The music icon definitely loves black, so if you hope to capture the essence of Taylor Swift, you’ll definitely need to stock up on black tops, black skirts, black dresses and black boots. Taylor Swift’s style doesn’t just stop there, though. There is a lot of detail involved in achieving her captivatingly trademark look too.

Taylor Swift’s Style Over the Years
Obviously, wherever this incredibly gifted musical diva goes she has people responsible for her wardrobe, makeup, hair and anything else that is needed, but don’t think that she doesn’t ultimately make the final decision about her attire, always. Her trademark style has definitely evolved over the years since she first made her amazing entrance onto the music scene as a young prodigy, and it has become more and more sculpted and honed to truly represent her spirit. If you dream of looking like her, you are not alone. She is the consummate girly girl, and no matter what she is wearing, this fact is always evident.

Getting Started With the Basics
Bangs are a significant part of Taylor Swift’s look, and they are full and straight ones. Just beneath the trademark bands, you’ll find perfectly rounded eyebrows. Her eye makeup varies from understated daywear to sultry blackened efforts that coincide with certain “looks.” Lush and smoldering lips, always in the family of reds distinguish Taylor in a prominent way. Her style is always very feminine, and includes dresses that are very ladylike and sometimes preppy. She likes wearing creations by designers like Rebecca Taylor and Kate Spade. It appears that her outfits are chosen to best flatter her height and shape. Everything seems to include a splash of playfulness and dimension. And Keds – you’ll definitely need at least a couple pairs of Keds, if you want to copy her sense of casual whimsy in fashion.

Taylor Swift blowing a flying kiss.

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Old Fashioned and Trendy – This is Taylor Swift
Taylor is just as comfortable sporting prominent fashions from the 1950s and 1960s as she is coming up with the very latest combination of trendy apparel and accessories. Although her style tends to be mostly conservative in nature, she is extremely fond of shorts, short skirts and short dresses. Pair these with some ankle length black boots or Keds, and you have done much to reflect her style. Black leotards, strappy handbags, high, chunky heels and full skirts are essentials to her wardrobe. Smallish hats and headwear are both integral components of her look, too.