One of the most fun things to do is to shop for clothing for kids. There’s just something about it that is way more fun than shopping for yourself. Maybe because there is absolutely no worry about whether or not the items will add unwanted pounds or create a sense of added height, etc. You simply sort through a mix of delightfully designed creations, selecting the ones you like the best. And finding just the right fit is nowhere nearly as difficult in clothing for kids. Those type of issues don’t seem to crop up until a bit later on. This is one of the reasons so many people buy clothes for their babies, even before they are born. It’s just something that you can’t resist doing.

How to Shop and What’s Hot
The web is chock-full of an almost infinite number of kids’ clothing sources, with everything from entertaining graphic tees to kids’ clothing bearing adorable appliques. Everyday wear and dress up fashions for the fanciest of occasions are abundant. The options are almost never ending. The best way to find the hottest fashions often depends more on the “where,” rather than the “what,” although you can often find really cool designer clothes for kids in high-end boutiques, and then shop for their knock-off versions in the less expensive stores.

  • Wovenplay: Their tagline is “creative couture for the everyday artist and adventurer,” and their fashions back it up, all the way. This kids’ clothing company embraces time-honored crafting techniques, and applies them to the natural qualities of materials, Wovenplay takes all of the best practices and elements of the past and blends them with all the demands that modern children place on their clothing and has produced a line of kids’ couture that is thoughtfully expressive, comfortable and highly versatile. Their inspired clothing line focuses on simple shapes, rich patterns and vibrantly rich color. Fun embellishments and many distinctive design elements that celebrate childhood in a very special way. Fabrics are drawn and printed by hand, featuring tie-dyed fabrics and much more. Intriguing and imaginative clothing for the fun times of youth, their production outside of the U.S. is handled exclusively by an organic, fair-trade workshop in India.
  • Tiny Cottons: Featuring the most popular material for kids’ clothing: cotton. A great place to shop for baby wear that is comfortable and durable, they are on the brand list of over 200 retailers, as well as their operation in Barcelona.

Of Special Interest
In girls’ dresses, the empire waist is really big, with anywhere from one to a few layers protruding out below the hemline of contrasting fabrics, and often including tulle. Stripes, both bold and soft, wide and narrow are big, and the muted color choice is back, with one of the hottest colors this year being soft mint green. Cool, calming colors go together to create a one of a kind assemblage of clothing that portrays your child’s unique charm and style. Boy’s printed shirts are less busy, with more space–a cleaner look. Solids are featuring more pastels that are subdued and subtle. In pants, look for drawstring waistbands and large, horizontal strips. Knits for leggings and jeggings are the rage, but it’s always good to have a couple pairs of loose fitting, dressier pants for more formal wear.