While the leading reason most people use lotions is because their skin is dry and they want to effectively moisturize it, however there are many other reasons that so much lotion is sold. Sometimes a lotion has a highly appealing fragrance that makes it really fun to wear. Lotion can make your skin feel wonderfully revived after a hard day’s work. Sometimes lotion is used in conjunction with massage, making for gentle, unbroken muscle work and so that the hands of the masseuse can smoothly glide without causing undue irritation. Whatever the case may be, there are a lot of lotions sold every day to a lot of people, and they can be very different from each other, not only in terms of their fragrance, but also their thickness, level of soothing they deliver and their ability to provide real moisturizing benefits.

Lather Almond Milk and Honey Body Butter
Almost a tongue twister, this lotion is best for problematic areas, and works so well that it may even be too much for every day, all over moisturizing. Sweet fragrance, on the thick side for extra power.

Josie Maran Whipped Argan Oil Body Butter
This lotion is light and has a very subtle fragrance that won’t conflict with your perfume or overpower people who are nearby. Users report obvious differences even for problem dry areas after using Josie Maran for as little as three days.

Whole Foods 365 Everyday Value Maximum Moisture Lotion
This moisturizing lotion receives fantastic reviews for its sustained ability to provide moisture that doesn’t wear off, so you don’t have to reapply like you do with other lotions. Macadamia nut scented, it contains Shea Butter, which is a superb moisturizer!

Jurlique Rose Body Cream
Not too heavy, and with a subtly light scent that is nice and refreshing, users report noticing a perceptible difference in their dry skin issues effectively being remedied by regular application of this product.

Nivea Extended Moisture Daily Lotion
Nivea has long been a leader of products that work really well and do what they say the will do, and this lotion continues the tradition. It has a wonderfully silky texture and a very light scent. Long-lasting, the number of times you’ll need to reapply will be greatly reduced, if you even need to at all.

C.O. Bigelow Derma Remedy Body Lotion
This lotion is thick and rich, with a light herbal type of scent that disappears rather quickly, but when it comes to eradicating dry and flaky skin, this product cannot be outdone. Users report a high level of effectiveness and a refreshing feel.