By the time you are a full-fledged adult, you are ready to put away at the same time all of the negatives that were an essential part of the growing up process–acne being a part of them for many folks. Oddly, however, even people who never had to suffer with all of the struggles and embarrassment of acne as a teen are now suddenly finding themselves having to deal with it now, in adulthood. It usually comes as a bit of a surprise when you suddenly spot one or more pimples where there have never previously been any acne outbreaks, but after you accept that they’re there, you need to understand that you don’t simply have to put up with it and do your best to cover it up with concealer. There are active steps you can take to greatly reduce the lifespan of those unsightly bumps that mar your otherwise beautiful complexion.

Why do You Have Acne Now?
The typical leading causes of Adult Acne in most people are hormonal changes, periods of extreme stress and there are even some medications that can do it. Obviously, if you are unable to effectively treat your acne, you should seek the opinion and support of your dermatologist, who has more aggressive means of determining the cause of your acne as well as treating it with prescription medications like certain antibiotics or products like Aldactone.

What to Look For
What you put on your face, or wherever you have an acne breakout is important and does matter in either increasing or reducing the time you must deal with it. Regular and timely cleansing is essential in keeping pores unclogged from dirt, grime, makeup and general pollution. Choose cleansers that are gentle and won’t irritate and rob your skin of beneficial oils. The application of over the counter remedies can be effective. Look for Retinoid creams and lotions that will also lessen your wrinkles. Benzoyl Peroxide fights acne, too. Don’t use Benzoyl Peroxide on a regular basis, because it can overly dry your skin.

How to Choose Your Makeup
In shopping for makeup, look for bases that contain salicylic acid, which is known to fight acne. Buy noncomedogenic skin care products that are formulated to prevent your pores from clogging and are non-acnegenic, or do not cause acne.

Technology for Acne Treatments
Among current technological methods of treating acne are light therapy, or PDT, which uses lasers in the treatment of acne. Vacuum therapy, which includes lights is a popular method of treatment, too. Both are pricey, though, so first try the less expensive methods.