Woman getting her hair colored

The Best Way to Go Blonde

Whether or not blondes have more fun, as it turns out, is more about how any particular blonde question perceives life and the world, and her corresponding attitude. Still, there are always a huge number of non-blondes who are making the coloring leap at any given time. Going blonde can be a fun way to…

Woman coloring her hair

Tips for Coloring Hair at Home

A trip to the hair salon can be pricey, especially if you have long hair or are trying out an intensive style, such as rainbow hair or oil slick hair. But box hair dye is a fraction of the cost. You might be tempted by the savings and think: “How hard can it be?” The…

Beehive hairstyle

Hair Styles That are Soooo Over!

Going back in time, hairstyles have been a major component of fashion, and considered to be important contributions to the particular lifestyles of each age. Typical trends in hairstyles originate with celebrities and prominent figures, and spread from there on out. Breaking the time periods down into decades, a new prevalence of “conforming to a…

Woman coloring her hair.

DIY Hair Color Tips

We’re experiencing a golden age of hair color. Everything from rainbow pastel hair to gorgeous mermaid hair are popping up not just in shopping malls but on high fashion runways. No color or style is out of bounds, and people of all types are finding ways to express themselves through hair color — not just…

Woman combing her hair

Best Brushes for All Hair Types

There are a zillion types of hair and hairstyles, so how are you to know which brush is right for YOUR hair? Brushes have been around since the beginning of time and since first introduced, have come a very long way! With the advances in “brush technology”, professionals have figured out what brush works best…

Woman wearing a hat in a beach.

Keeping Hair Healthy in the Summer Sun

Skin is THE one thing that people always think of protecting when going out into the summer sun, but hair, being the closest area on the body to the sun, can get really damaged without proper protection. Leave it In! Of course, there is the always awesome leave in conditioner, but not everyone is crazy…

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