There’s a reason that people call it your “Easter best” when you show up in your finest for church service or a family dinner. This is an important holiday for many, and they choose their best dresses to show their respect for it. Just because Easter is a reverent time doesn’t mean that it can’t be a fashionable one also. Here are some of the hottest dress trends for your Easter best:

Maxi Dresses
You might think that you need a tailored dress with a more formal feel for Easter, but you can have a little more fun with your style. A maxi dress is a lot more informal, but it is also perfect for spring. Choose a flowing maxi dress that has a light color for spring, such as whites and pinks, or that has a floral pattern. You can choose strapless styles or more modest styles with thicker straps or cap sleeves. Or you can pair the dress with a shrug or light sweater.

Retro Prints
Hearken back to Easters past with a dress featuring a cute, retro print. Think paisley or graphic prints that look like they’re right at home in the 70s. You can make these prints look more updated with your choice of colors. Instead of darker purples and browns for your paisley, choose something interesting like yellow on white or pink. Even a dowdy retro print can look updated if paired with a modern dress style.

You can also choose retro prints that have a bit of a more classic look, such as polka dots. These look good in any color and on just about any style of dress.

Shirt Dress
Traditional Easter dresses can feel a bit frilly for some. If you have a more tailored aesthetic, you should consider wearing a shirt dress for your festivities. Shirt dresses can be versatile depending on the options you choose. For example, a sleeveless option can feel a little breezier and more stylish, while a long-sleeved version can feel more formal. You can also choose shirt dresses that have a wrap-around middle for a twist on the classic design.

You’ll need the right accessories with any dress you wear. Right now, basket bags are very popular for Easter, which is fitting. These tote-style bags have a basket weave that can be tight or loose. They can include small openings to create interesting visual accents. Just make sure you don’t put any “eggs” inside that you don’t want people to see. Wedge heels are also a popular choice. Choose heels that are made of cork or another lightweight material for a more casual look, or choose something in patent or satin for something more formal. The color and material will determine the best match for your dress.

Picking out a stylish dress and accessories will make you look your best for Easter and long after. You’ll love your dress so much that you’ll want to wear it again and again this season.