The “more piercings the better” theology seems to be continuing, with piercing trends seeking new and unchartered territory, always. The “it” location of fashionable new destiny for 2016 looks like it is going to be the septum. While multiple piercings for ears have been trending recently, probably because the ears are the most commonly (and longest) chosen destination of piercings within the mainstream culture. There are some unique things people are doing with color and textures to augment the ambiance of such spots featuring multiple piercings that can go far in changing up each look from others. An inquiring visit to any piercing pagoda will quickly reveal that it is Septum piercings which are currently being requested (and performed) more frequently than any others.

So, What is Getting a Septum Piercing Like?
Pierced septums look good on anyone, and this is why we’re starting to see more and more of them. The only point of consideration is that you don’t want it to stand out so much that your septum jewelry is by far, the first thing that anyone notices about you. This will all depend on the type and size of jewelry you select to display there. When choosing the piece to wear, opt for something really fine and delicate–thin, not heavy. In terms of color, look for shades that blend rather than standing out from your own skin coloring. Pair warm toned jewelry with your skin if it is warm toned, and, vice versa for cool toned skin and jewelry. Of all places, the piece you wear on your pierced septum should fit closely snug to your nose, for many reasons, including protecting it from becoming accidentally snagged on something, like clothing when you are pulling on and off sweaters and other knitted type articles of clothing. Safe and easy does the trick.

Looking Ahead for Piercing Trends to Come
There is a new piercing that is catching on and building in popularity that could easily become the next big trend. Called “the smiley piercing,” it has to do with the location inside the mouth–the spot located just along the inside of your upper lip, at the web-like tissue that kind of connects the upper lip to the gums. The moniker “smiley” comes from the fact that this piercing only becomes visible when you smile.

More About Piercings
When you want to find a good place to get a tattoo, ask the people who have well-done ones and are happy with them. Finding a licensed professional is critical, and then how you take care of your new piercings once you leave the establishment makes a big difference. Have you ever noticed how some people never seem to change their jewelry? If you start looking for it, what you might find is a good number of people who just kind of put jewelry in and leave it there. This occurs less with ear piercings, but in any case, changing piercings is always a good idea. And especially as there’s so much really fun and creative jewelry out there, having piercings opens up a whole world of opportunities to accessorize with your own particular style.