In thinking about the well-stocked beauty product collection, there are a myriad of products that can certainly tweak the concept to game-changing proportions, but what about just knowing where to start out? Before anyone should go crazy, in a shopping frenzy to amass all the newest innovations in cosmetics, it’s important to begin with the very basics which means the ones that are ultimately the most valuable components of your fundamental beauty basics. It’s kind of like the whole “If you were to wake up suddenly on a deserted island, what are the most important beauty products you simply could not live without?” Well, maybe not exactly, but there are surely some fashionistas out there who would rather continue with their beauty regimen, even in lieu of eating and having company and being entertained while on that lonely island in the middle of the big ocean. What it boils down to is that there are some things a girl just should never be without. The following are the beauty products that fit into this category:

  • Zinc Oxide or Titanium Dioxide Sunscreen, SPF 30: Of every possible beauty product you could ever have, it would be this one. For now, next year and many years from now, sunscreen will be what preserved your beauty by protecting it from the sun’s damage. Any effective sunscreen must have one of the two aforementioned substances in its formulation, and offer an SPF of at least 30. There some new clear zinc formulas, which would be ideal. The word is not completely out on how good they are, etc.
  • Serum: A good skin serum will be your best friend, over time. Serums deliver where creams and lotions fail, in that they contain non-occlusive ingredients, unlike lotions and creams. The stuff in lotions and creams forms an airtight barrier on your skin, preventing pores from breathing and sealing them in a not so good way. Serums don’t add pore-clogging oils, and are purer, containing fewer ingredients to thicken them up and make them more emollient. Serums are the top choice of the industry pros, as they contain far less fluid, making the active ingredients more highly concentrated. They give you way more bang for your buck.
  • Concealer: Every well-stocked makeup collection should have a good concealer in it. Your concealer is one of the most important products to have. A quality concealer will vanquish discoloration from around your eyes and give them a much brighter appearance. A high-quality cream formulation is ideal for doing everything a concealer needs to do, and it will lay down a superior foundation for applying eye shadow, as well. Concealer is the major trick used by top makeup artists, who would be lost without it.
  • A Good Brow Pencil: This may seem a bit odd, but actually, with the right attention to your brows, you could easily skip the other eye makeup and still have dramatic looking eye effects. It’s got to be a shade that looks good with your skin color and hair, and a high-quality brow pencil won’t have that waxy substance found in the cheaper varieties that glues your eyebrows flat against your face.