Wearing sleeveless tops can be really chic when you have great arms to flaunt as well! I love it when women have nicely toned arms—just the right amount of definition and nothing too muscular. That’s why I’ve come up with some effective exercises to help you tone your arms if they’re bordering on becoming flabby. Take a few minutes each day to target this body part and you won’t regret spending time to tone your flabby arms!

Best Exercises to Tone Flabby Arms - 2

  • Pushups – This can be quite challenging if you’re just beginning, so you can save it for later when you’ve build up strength in your arms. Have your palms (at shoulder width apart) flat and your body perpendicular to on the floor then push up. You can do this in an easier manner by doing the same in an upright position but being about 2-3 feet away from a wall.

Best Exercises to Tone Flabby Arms - 1

  • Lifting weights – Don’t be scared because I don’t mean those heavy barbells for weight lifting competitions! Start with small 3 to 5-pound barbells and do about 20 repetitions for each arm on a daily basis. For your biceps, sit straight and press your elbow against your side while lifting the weight. For your triceps, stand up and lean forward. Extend your arm past your back to exercise the triceps. If you don’t have weights, you can substitute it with a bottle of water.
  • Tricep dips – Have a surface which is sturdy for you to lean onto. A bench or even the stairs would do. This position is like a pushup, but in reverse. You will be facing the ceiling while propping your body up with your arms. Lower your body slowly and when your arms are close to being parallel to the floor, you can push your body up back. You can do this 8-12 times.

Remember that results will be seen after diligent exercising, so don’t quit when you’re discouraged by the pain. However, you must also remember not to push yourself too far especially when you’re just beginning. Gradually adjust to your routine and let your muscles heal so you can tone them over time.