If at first glance, you thought you were going to be learning all about the legendary singer/rapper’s latest antics, read again. This is all about you, and how you can achieve the ideal brows and look for your face, your style and your confidence.

Which Way is Best?
Eyebrows are one of the biggest things going on in the world of fashion right now. And while it’s true that there are some very fortunate few who were graced with perfect brows from birth, even the most beautiful brows can be enhanced with just a little routine maintenance effort. Many women debate over the best way to achieve the perfect brows–from threading and tweezing to waxing. It can be difficult to determine. Some women have endured less than ideal brow shaping procedures in salons, which thereafter eliminates a particular method, and some just seem to be inclined toward one procedure over another. To help anyone who is undecided, here is some info, as handed down by the brow experts to hopefully help in the decision-making process.

The latest method to hit the world of brows, this procedure manages a more natural look that is detailed. The technician is able to work much more rapidly when threading than with tweezing, which is a big plus for many women. It is due to the speed at which threading is performed that it can sometimes be a little less discriminate in which brow hairs it grabs and removes. Some salons offer threading to be used in conjunction with tweezing, as the remaining “stray” hairs are best removed by tweezing. It’s always good to inquire with the specific salon as to the method they use, before you make an actual appointment.

For some reason, waxing lends itself to providing the longest periods of time between sessions to remove regrowth. Women who have hair that grows rapidly or that is thicker and/or coarse should consider waxing as their best option. It’s also known to produce results of thinner and softer regrowth. Some women dislike the remaining redness in the area that was treated, although this is temporary. Women with sensitive skin might prefer one of the other two methods.

To Tweeze, or Not to Tweeze – That is the Question
The best thing about tweezing is that you can do it yourself, at home, and maintain it without ever having to sport regrowth between procedures. Tweezing provides the highest degree of accuracy and precision. Some salons will draw the brow with a pencil and then tweeze all the brow hair outside of that drawing. Tweeze while using a magnifying mirror for the best results. The most important thing about DIY tweezing is to invest in a really good pair of tweezers, and then keep them away from other family members who might inadvertently damage them.