Birthday cake

Most Unique Birthday Cakes Across the Country

With all of the publicity and celebrity revolving around the culinary and food presentation industry during the past decade or so, the world has been shown just how prominently any food creation’s visual imagery factors into its overall appeal. Many artistic aesthetics go into the final presentation of the dishes and foods served everywhere–from restaurants to…

Easter basket

Top Easter Basket Gifts!

Who ever said that Easter baskets were all about candy, candy and more candy? Does it have to be full of candy to be an adequate Easter basket? Whether or not you choose to pile on the chocolate bunnies, Cadbury Cream Eggs, M&M Easter egg-shaped candies, jelly bean eggs, marshmallow Peeps and more is your…

BBQ spare ribs

America’s Best BBQ

When it comes to BBQ, it can be a very personal matter, and there are a myriad of different BBQ mindsets out there, that can be as diversely opinionated as the chasm of temperatures that can be found between hot and cold. Ask anyone what the best barbecue sauce, barbecue recipe or barbecue restaurant is,…

Glasses and dishes in a restaurant

Best Health Foods Restaurants in Cali

California has always, always been the leading force behind any trend of significant resonance, and particularly when it comes to the artistic, cutting edge and eccentric lifestyle. While healthy eating has taken on a myriad of different understandings through the ages, it was truly during the consciousness-transformative hippie movement that for the first time, the…

Couple watching movie

Top Movies to See in 2016

Everything about movies is in more of a state of flux than at any other given time in the history of the silver screen, with so many other competing movie watching platforms and venues open to practically everyone. For true moviegoers, though, there’s nothing like getting out to a theater to be among the very first…

Valentine gift

Top Valentines Gifts for Your Guy

Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching and it’s time to turn toward thoughts of what you’re going to give you guy this year. You could rather mindlessly head over to the local drugstore and buy one of those catch-all Valentine’s Day cards and a mass-produced, heart-shaped and cellophane-wrapped box of more wannabe than authentic chocolates, like…

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