When it comes to trends in plastic surgery, we have LA’s A List, from music moguls to movie stars to thank for the current most requested procedures of plastic surgeons. It would seem that everyone wants to look like someone else these days. And while the number of breast implants and augmentations has continued to remain on the rise, it seems that butt implants, augmentations performed by the grafting of fat and general butt lifts are going to catch up to breast procedures at some future point. They will, at least, if the rate of requests continues on as it presently is moving. In fact, butt procedures doubled in the last year, alone. And who do we have to thank for this? Kim Kardhashian? Jennifer Lopez? Nicki Minaj or Eva Mendez?

What About Facial Procedures?
Well, as the numbers go, it seems that women are becoming more relaxed about their facial images, with a steady decline in what used to be the most popular surgical targets: facelifts, chin implants, eyelid procedures and rhinoplasty. In fact, now chin reduction surgery outnumbers the chin implants that had become popularized a few decades back. What still remains big are the more “cosmetic” procedures like lip and cheek augmentation. Dermabrasion is a frequently requested treatment, nearly doubling in recent years, especially as it is the number one treatment for getting rid of acne scars. Men are going in for breast reduction surgery with amazing numbers, perhaps due a rising epidemic of obesity.

More Popularly Requested “Body Sites”
The most frequently performed procedure to have blasted off the charts can actually apply to several different areas, but it involves surgical removal of unwanted and excess skin, beginning with arm lifts and tummy tucks, and then often as a necessary procedure following different forms of bariatric surgery. The key with these type of surgeries is that the candidate must be at an appropriate and stable weight in order to qualify. And oddly, liposuction has declined by slightly less than half. Reconstruction following tumor removal is still holding its own, and there has been a rise in the number of women and men who remove both breasts in a preemptive move in response to the new tests that reveal the presence of a cancerous gene. And then, of course, reconstructive surgery often follows such procedures.

Big News to Share
At one time, practically all plastic surgeries were obtained by people who thereafter kept such procedures to themselves, in an effort to hopefully have their new addition or reduction as “normal.” Nowadays, it seems quite the norm to undergo the knife in an attempt to produce a more exacting level of perfection than whatever was God-given or natural, and let the whole world know, both before and after the procedure(s.) Even when breast enhancement procedures were “hush-hush.” it was usually obvious that some type of mediation had been performed, but was never discussed, at least not in the presence of the one who had “grown” or “diminished.”