0Lovely model and TV personality Jelena Noura “Gigi” Hadid was given the distinction of being one of Sports Illustrated’s 2014 rookies–in their annual swimsuit issue. And when it comes to finding her best looks, this girl could wear anything, and just by her wearing it–it would be a “best” look. Her maternal Dutch ancestry combined with her paternal Palestinian ancestry have certainly produced an exceptional level of beauty in this 5’10” tall exotic and alluring diva. Her fascinating career began when she was only 2 years of age, after Guess discovered her and began using her in their ads. Then, her first best look was either her birthday suit–or a Pampers.

Fast Forward to Now–Spring 2016
Most recently Hadid arrived to support sister Bella at the Daily Front Row L.A. Fashion Awards, dressed in little more than a diaper–draped in a completely sheer overlay gown embroidered with leafy lacy vertical stripes and fringes. Underneath, with more opacity–a simple white corset. Gigi was recently spotted in NYC, well dressed for the unusual spring temps this year–in an awesome pink faux fur knee-length coat that made us love colder weather. We want this coat. Apparently her jacket version of adequate springtime warmth was her choice while attending PFW. She paired her multi-greys luxe fur by Waldrip with a mostly monochromatic marriage of charcoal turtleneck and belted black trousers. She packed well before her Paris flight, though, and turned heads as she turned things around with a stunning Safiyaa B&W jumpsuit at the Dior after party. There were several awestruck bystanders who loved the built-in cape, with superpower of design.

Killing in a Minidress, Always
Hadid can make a minidress come to life with her unique posture and moves–along with some cleverly assembled and integrated add-ons. For attending the Sports Illustrated’s VIP BBQ held in Miami, she chose to arrive in stellar sophistication in an over-the-top glam mini dress in the most alluring champagne color. Offset by white embroidered detailing and long sleeves, Hadid’s luxuriously sexy tresses were all pulled back, flatly against her head and secured, perhaps so those long, blond locks would not possibly dip into the BBQ sauce, leaving signs of oink-oink on that minidress. Rocking this ensemble were two mid-thigh champagne suede boots, well-heeled and with glam pointed toes.

Gigi Hadid

elga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

Elsewhere, Elegantly Clad
When attending A Night at Sea–Sports Illustrated’s Miami-based VIP Boat Cruise event, Hadid rocked the white, with not very much of it, in a distinctively dramatic crop top matched with a high-reaching slit on her pencil skirt. Diminutive, pointy-toed and elegant pumps graced her feet for the ride. The model was spotted along the streets of Milan, with a whole lot of her famous legs extending from that awesome zig-zagging hemline down to those flirty, strappy platforms on her perfectly-pampered feet. The minidress was fundamentally black, with sheer arms and bodice–and rocked some electric colors as edgy stripes to liven things up.

Double Take
When Hadid’s participation was enlisted by Rihanna’s Fenty & Puma show, as part of NY Fashion Week–she proved that she could follow the requirements seamlessly, and the beauty showed up rocking full-on bold distinction that surely turned heads. Her bold beauty answer began with a hair look, heavily frosted in white, pulled tautly back into a long and simple pony. Replete with small cropped top, cropped denim jeans and an oversized full length jacket that may have belonged to a huge Grizzly Bear. Ultra femme lace up to mid calf with ribbons heels capped the look off. Hadid surely loved the look enough to keep it going the rest of the evening–and to the next party.