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Woman getting a microdermabrasion treatment

Plastic Surgery Trends

When it comes to trends in plastic surgery, we have LA’s A List, from music moguls to movie stars to thank for the current most requested procedures of plastic surgeons. It would seem that everyone wants to look like someone else these days. And while the number of breast implants and augmentations has continued to…

Woman getting her hair colored in a salon.

Top 4 Hair Color Dos

In the wide world of hair coloring options, the infinite range available to both women and men these days is virtually endless, not only with regard to creative color options, but especially the way in which any number, from one single color up to many shades and hues are applied. If you haven’t been closely…

Taylor Swift blowing a flying kiss.

Get Taylor Swift’s Newest Looks

Long, lanky, sleek and black – these words adequately describe Taylor Swift’s look all of the time, however there are certain trends she effortlessly creates by appearing somewhere in a new statement item from time to time. The music icon definitely loves black, so if you hope to capture the essence of Taylor Swift, you’ll…

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