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Septum piercing

Piercings: What’s in and What is Out!

The “more piercings the better” theology seems to be continuing, with piercing trends seeking new and unchartered territory, always. The “it” location of fashionable new destiny for 2016 looks like it is going to be the septum. While multiple piercings for ears have been trending recently, probably because the ears are the most commonly (and…

Animal print bedding.

Design Trends for Fall: From Polka Dots to Animal Prints – THESE are the Must-Have Prints This Season

While we are still lazing pool-side, basking in the remainder of summer days and sipping on ice cold lemonade through straws, fashionistas representing the top collections from New York, LA, London, Milan and Paris have been preparing for the release of the fall season’s best for 2015 everything, everywhere. As these trends emerge, they will…

Polka dot dress with clutch

The Perfect Purse: Clutch Couture

A great look does not thrive solely on an outfit. In most cases, it ends up being the specific accessories that are added that ultimately make or break any outfit. Accessorizing involves a lot more than simply jewelry like necklaces, rings, scarves, earrings, and headwear: accessories include shoes, hats, outerwear and much more. Often understated,…

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