With a name that surely is derived from the star’s initials on either end, with a couple of “Os” wedged in between, Goop appears to be everything all together, well-organized and ideally spaced, where anyone could spend hours upon hours and get everything done, with much remaining to explore.

All of life’s best converge in rare form at Goop, for what is really ideal finding and procurement of pretty much anything you would ever need, as long as you’re alive. Fundamentally grounded in mindfulness, food, shopping, advice and super-pertinent and helpful info presented with awesome class, Goop has even Gwyneth Paltrow die-hard fans blown away. Girl’s been busy, no doubt. Here, we find no paltry attempt to divest, secure her future or convince the world that she’s much more than a Hollywood star, as this, Gwyneth’s product absolutely shines with excellence.

From “Home,” the Choices Seem Infinite
With top tabs entitled SHOP, GO, BE, DO, SEE, MAKE and GET,  these give a peek into the prevailing ambiance of this site, where every piece of subject matter, every product, every link takes visitors on a perfect adventure that has purposely shaved off all the superfluous hoopla to make the experience smooth and so easy for users. Simple, concise, beautiful and spot-on. Originally envisioned in 2008 as an email newsletter that would be sent out to her friends every week, Gwyneth imagined it would provide her with a way to share healthy recipes, travel recommendations, favorite shopping discoveries and more. At the same time, she saw Goop as a tool for getting answers to her own questions answered–on a variety of topics.

Within Goop’s Architecture
Visitors discover all that GP had imagined it to be, with the addition of leading expert contributors, many who have mentored her personally. Goop reaches a much broader audience in its resulting format, where readers know the source, and every component is included mindfully and inclusion alone reveals the very superlative quality and soundness of each featured detail, from A to Z.

Gwyneth Paltrow

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Get the Goop Glow
Visit Goop to shop GP’s complete line of high-performance skin care products for a wonderful age-defying glow that every woman desires. “ Going by the same “Goop” name, all ingredients in all products are organic and naturally-occurring to clean up, smooth and plump away fine lines and much more. Gwen shares, “Safe enough for our daughters, but powerful enough for those of us who have maybe spent too much time in the sun.” Goop by Juice Beauty is also sold at several specialty boutique locations within the U.S. Goop by Juice Beauty offers a line of six, outstanding skin care products, which can be purchased individually or as a set.:

  • Luminous Melting Cleanser
  • Exfoliating Instant Facial Mask
  • Enriching Face Oil
  • Revitalizing Day Moisturizer
  • Replenishing Night Cream

And More
Readers can currently browse a seasonal feature pinpointing some of the very best choices for summer camps for their kids, with pictures and details on each one. GP shares marvelously rich info on a ton of exotic destinations, broken down by “best of,” and citing various themes, such as wellness and detox spa and body treatments and romantic destinations. Goop includes details on many bucket list cities around the world, with GP’s personal recommendation and city guide for each. A productive time browsing the Internet should include a visit to Goop, as a complete adventure awaits everyone there.