While we are still lazing pool-side, basking in the remainder of summer days and sipping on ice cold lemonade through straws, fashionistas representing the top collections from New York, LA, London, Milan and Paris have been preparing for the release of the fall season’s best for 2015 everything, everywhere. As these trends emerge, they will surely produce a huge impact on the way we experience fall, 2015, across the globe.

Prints From Home
Looks like a big chunk of the most fashionably alluring prints this fall will take their cues from motifs conventionally seen in homes, all over the world. Moroccan influenced prints proliferate the runway, and fashionable brocades once found on pillows, curtains and lamps now offer just the right divergence to signify fall’s arrival. And who doesn’t like knowing that her skirt can instantly become a trendy window treatment or tablecloth, in a pinch? And, you’ll feel more “at home” with these print-kings of interior fame.

Victorian Secret?
Look for a surge of elegance, featuring massive ruffles, and higher necklines. The Victorian “print” emerges from the specific pattern of the lace, in this case, and the Victorian ambiance of floor-sweeping lace will be big–especially in blacks and deep, brown reds. The era’s energy impressively translates through the modern stylings of today’s top designers in numerous conveyances of such a retro comeback. Get out your slit skirts, ladies. Exotic, sultry, and even a seductive melancholy from lacy printed couture that will impart an “I’ve got a secret” image whenever worn. Black lace patterns pop, when included as a bold overlay of red or deep blue satin.

Slip Into This One
There is one trend for this fall that is going to be met with oodles of praise. The slip dress has reemerged from the 90s, but this time, with polka dots and new takes on timeless animal prints and many exciting colors and color configurations. Slit legs, lace trimmings and oh so slinky fabrics will be rendered to a vast array of mono and multi colored prints, all exuding feminine charm and bold, but softer design distinction, done right. Any pattern will be well-suited for many layering effects.

Overcoats and Dusters Reach New Lows
This year, brace yourself for a brand new depth plunge for coat lengths, with floor-dusting hemlines that will most assuredly require being paired with some of those 4 inch plus heels that are waiting in your closet. These dusters and coats are tremendously eye-catching, and newly assembled from bold and vivid plaids, animal prints and patchwork configurations. Yes, patchwork is back, full force!