If humans were still living in caves and continually exposed to the elements, there might be a lot of reasons for all the various places that hair can grow, from the top of the human head, all the way down to the human toes–and everywhere in between. We no longer are exposed to the elements day in, day out, as we live in thoroughly modern homes with environmentally controlled conveniences like air conditioning and heat. We wear clothing that covers most of our bodies, and we have various types of clothing accessories to cover up more for harsher weather. We’ve learned that we simply don’t need most of the hair that grows on the human body, with the exceptions being the hair on our heads. Not only the hair we style into braids, updos and beachy waves, but also our eyelashes, that protect our eyes, and our eyebrows that prevent various things from getting into our eyes. As for the rest of it–shave it away, and be smooth!

The Art of Removing Body and Facial Hair
Shaving is, by far, the easiest, cheapest and quickest way to remove hair that we do not want, but there are a variety of considerations regarding shaving as only one way to remove unwanted hair that can make significant differences in how the finished result looks and resulting issues, from irritation and breakouts to uneven results. The following tips have been found to be among the most useful to have in your hair removing arsenal, for supreme results, for every area, and every time you aim to get rid of hair growth:

  • Know Your Options: There are a lot of different methods for hair removal beyond shaving and electrolysis. Explore them. They include threading, Nair, waxing and sanding pads.
  • Three’s a Charm: After three uses, toss that razor or you’ll get poor results and could irritate your skin.
  • Exfoliate Before Shaving: This is a great way to prime your skin for supporting a closer shave. By first exfoliating, your hair will stand up more, and all those dead skin cells won’t be there to gunk up the razor on every pass.
  • Out of Shaving Cream? No Worries: You can always substitute body lotion or hair conditioner for a super smooth shave, and some women actually prefer this method over shaving with traditional shaving cream.
  • Shave in Both Directions: First shave downward, and then come back again with an upward pass. For particularly sensitive skin, shaving downward can prevent irritation from resulting. This applies to both legs and armpits.
  • New Razor? Most nicks and cuts occur when using a brand new razor or blade. Make an extra effort to use caution when shaving with a new blade.
  • Dry Run? Contrary to what you’ve most likely been told, dry shaving works, and for some people, it’s their preferred method. Try it and see if it works for you. Afterward, you will want to moisturize your legs.
  • Knees: Always shave your knees while they are fully bent, in order to get the closest shave of such an uneven terrain.
  • Shave More Frequently: By practicing more frequent shaving, there’s not as much resting on a single shave, and it’ll be quicker and easier–and a less dreaded chore.
  • Don’t Toss That Cover: The little plastic cover that came with your razor will prevent dust and debris from settling on the blade between shaves, giving you a smoother shave.