Everything about movies is in more of a state of flux than at any other given time in the history of the silver screen, with so many other competing movie watching platforms and venues open to practically everyone. For true moviegoers, though, there’s nothing like getting out to a theater to be among the very first movie theater audiences to experience the latest releases, before everyone else. And for these people, there’s good news, as movie theaters facing what could be an imminent demise now scramble to find new methods of attracting better numbers to fill the seats of their megaplex locations, munch on their popcorn, slurp their drinks and chomp down on their candies.

Watch 2016 Releases in Improved Theaters
In addition to the iMax movie venues that for a while drew many, there’s a big trend to offer today’s moviegoers unsurpassed comfort in seating luxury, with electrically operated fully extending recliners and full-service haute cuisine to tantalize the taste buds. And in addition to the heightened comfort and dining experience, 2016 stands ready to deliver big on all of the higher expectations held by movie lovers at the movie’s start. Be sure to check these predicted to be Top releases out:

  • The Dead Pool: Armed with accelerated healing powers, former Special Forces operative Wade Wilson–now a mercenary–takes on an alter ego of “Deadpool.” With a supremely dark sense of twisted humor, Deadpool goes on a quest to hunt down the man who almost destroyed him. With Ryan Reynolds and Morena Baccarin.
  • The 5th Wave: In this alien invasion by human-looking extraterrestrials, a teen girl who managed to survive, sets out to find her brother, whose fate as an abductee is unknown. A boy who helps her might even be a disguised alien. With Chloe Moretz and Nick Robinson.
  • The Boy: In this story, a wealthy couple hires Greta–a young American woman who is hoping to escape a perilous past by fleeing to England–as their nanny, to stay in their home in an English village with their 8-year-old son while the couple takes an extended vacation. With Lauren Cohan and Rupert Evans.
  • Zoolander 2: This one’s set to draw back all the fans of Zoolander 1, in its setting beginning 10 years following the first, mostly in Europe. With many changes to their lives, Derek and Hansel are not very relevant now in the world of fashion, and a competitor threatens to completely obliterate them from the business.