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Glasses and dishes in a restaurant

Best Health Foods Restaurants in Cali

California has always, always been the leading force behind any trend of significant resonance, and particularly when it comes to the artistic, cutting edge and eccentric lifestyle. While healthy eating has taken on a myriad of different understandings through the ages, it was truly during the consciousness-transformative hippie movement that for the first time, the…

Woman enjoying the outdoors

Looks for Spring!

As the eternal axiom informs the winter-weary, “March comes in like a lion, and goes out like a lamb,” and regardless of whether you have finished fully packing up all your holiday trappings, and whether or not you are ready to dive into another seasonal change, the next one stands poised to steal the show,…

Couple watching movie

Top Movies to See in 2016

Everything about movies is in more of a state of flux than at any other given time in the history of the silver screen, with so many other competing movie watching platforms and venues open to practically everyone. For true moviegoers, though, there’s nothing like getting out to a theater to be among the very first…

Woman applying moisturizer

Do These Things for Better Skin

Your skin is the largest organ of your body, and it’s your body’s first defense against the environment. It performs more functions overall than any other organ, and this is why it’s important not to ever overlook taking proper care of your skin for numerous reasons in aiding the proper function of your entire body….

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